Terms and Conditions – Privacy Policy

Below are the Terms and Conditions – Privacy Policy of Charly McConnell Photography


Terms and Conditions are:

Orders –

1.  Orders are processed 1 – 3 business days after it is received

2.  You understand these are not inkjet prints. Therefore will take a longer period of time to create. Please allow 3 – 6 weeks for your museum quality Framed Limited Edition to be delivered. It may come sooner, but this is a meticulous process thus it is not created in a day or even a week

3.  Each Limited Edition print is handmade, whereas slight differences may occur per piece in any given Edition


Copyright / Intellectual Property –

You understand and accept that all images and content are solely owned by Charly; photographer and owner/developer of website. This means all images on this site, unless otherwise stated, are registered with the US Copyright Office.

Images protected from unlawful use and require Charly’s expressed permission. Protected means, including, but not limited to print copies, use on other websites, within Blogs, and any printed materials, etc. The US Copyright Office gives Charly the option to recover any lost monies in Federal Court.



Privacy is important! As a result, Charly McConnell Photography will not sell or give away any information collected. Also noteworthy, Charly McConnell Photography complies with all State and Federal laws regarding information stored.

Because hackers can be ruthless, we take measures to prevent any information collected from being acquired illegally. Notifications will go out immediately if anything has been compromised! Please note Credit Card information is not stored by Charly McConnell Photography. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


It is important that you understand and accept this Terms and Conditions – Privacy Policy.      At checkout, there is a box to check before finalizing your Limited Edition order.