Print Care


Longevity of your Limited Edition is dependent upon print care. Following these guidelines will allow your print to be enjoyed by many generations to come!


1. Never hang your print in direct sunlight

2. Never hang your print over / under an air vent

3. Try to hang on an interior wall, instead of a exterior wall

4. Hang at slight upward angle to allow air to circulate around print

5. Use only a dry, lint free cloth to clean frame and glass or acrylic

6. Never use any chemicals to clean your framed print!!

7. Keep RH (relative humidity) at or below 45 – 50%

8. Keep room(s) at a consistent temperature. Extreme heat is not good nor is wide varying temps

9. Have an emergency plan in place if flooding or fire were to happen

10. If your print is exposed to moisture or smoke, do NOT attempt to fix it yourself!

11. If your print is damaged by water, carefully remove it from frame (Only touch outer edge of print!) and allow to air dry. Do not wipe it! Hang print by white border (preferred method) or lay flat on a white lint free towel. Then get print to a conservator as soon as possible

11. ONLY have a certified artwork conservator fix any damage or to clean it. NOTE: I would suggest to find one you trust soon after purchasing your Limited Edition Print

12. If lighting your print, use no more than 120 ft-c (footcandles) and LED is preferred NOTE: fluorescent is very damaging to prints!


Per Museum Conservation Guidelines:

Less Light-Sensitive Prints

Total exposure per year – 30,000+ ft-c hours (300,000 Lux hours); e.g. 10 ft-c for 9 months at 10 hours per day. Rest for 1 year minimum between display cycles.

Black and White Fiber-based Gelatin Silver Developed-Out Paper Prints (GSDOP)

•  Known to be well processed without hand coloring, color toning, or optical brightener


13. Go over your emergency plan as necessary to protect your investment