Museum Quality. Fine Art.

B&W Limited Editions.


A Fine Art Collector expects the best when making an investment! Especially when it comes to a photographic print. Extreme care is taken at every level of production. The longevity and archival properties in each print will last for many generations .


Every Fine Art piece is created with the highest quality materials, because I refuse to settle for less. Each print is meticulously handmade, matted and framed by highly qualified masters at their craft. Collectors deserve the best for their investment.


What is important and relevant to a collector can be found in all Limited Editions!



Please read carefully, as this will most likely differ from others you have come across.


 1.  All Limited Editions are handmade on Fomabrom 280g fiber based, gelatin silver paper. Photographer may choose another, if required, but will be premium grade paper nonetheless. Mat board is Crescent 100% cotton 8-ply RagMat®. Both matting and mount board are acid and lignin free. Simple black wood frame with TruVue® acrylic.


 2.  Each Edition is limited to 7 prints. In addition, a Certificate of Authenticity is included with every piece.

              2a. The Title, Location, Date Taken, photographer’s signature and Edition # is on back of print.


3.  Once Limited Edition is sold out, it will never be offered as a gelatin silver print again.


4.  In every Limited Edition, #2 of 7 is offered first. Most noteworthy, #1 of 7 will be offered last. At present 5 of #2 of 7 are Exhibited at an Art Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.

(NOTE: When #2 of 7 is purchased on this site, Charly will notify Art Gallery to mark it sold and have it returned to the framers to ensure it’s in great condition. Then it will be shipped to Collector).


5.  As each is sold in its Limited Edition, the price increases as an appreciation. This is especially important to make the Limited Edition even more collectable.


6.  Finally, photographer reserves the right to sell Proofs of a Limited Edition once it’s sold out. Limited to no more than 5 proofs.


7.  The Limited Edition prints available on this site, may be offered for sale or have been sold, but will be/were not offered as a FB gelatin silver print, a Limited Edition nor certified as museum archival quality.


8.  For detailed and important information on how to care for your print […]


NOTE: To be completely transparent, photographer has a few RC (Resin Coated) silver gelatin prints of some of the images found here. But museum conservators do not see them as lasting as long as FB prints by 2018 standards. They will not be Limited Editions nor come with a Certificate of Authenticity. They may or may not available for sale. Perhaps may just be given away to friends, family or a charity.